About Us

Our Mission

Power Inn Alliance creates and strengthens the physical, business and economic conditions of the Power Inn community.  This is achieved through a collaborative approach to advocacy, beautification, civic partnership, security, transportation, marketing and communication.

Power Inn Alliance is the property-based business improvement district (PBID), created in 2006 to “Advocate for business, transportation and community.”  The district is located in the southeastern quadrant of the city of Sacramento and is home to over 1,500 businesses which creates nearly 29,000 direct jobs and produces over $3.8 billion in annual economic output.  It serves as the city’s manufacturing core with over 33% of the city’s manufacturing base taking place in the 6.2 mile area*.  It is also home to the California Mobility Center, located in Depot Park.

Primary Tenets and Programs Include:

Advocacy: Speaking out on business and neighborhood issues before key government agencies and commissions.

Community: Hosting various meetings, forums, and events, such as the annual Breakfast Awards, to give members opportunities to expand their network of contacts and connect them with political leaders.

Economy: Encouraging economic growth and workforce development through public and private partnerships.

Safety: Collaborating with regional stakeholders to support public safety and crime reduction.

Transportation: Championing transportation and infrastructure improvements within the district.

Beautification: Spending $200,000 annually to clean up trash and discarded junk including an occasional abandoned automobile. Look for the Clean-up Crew daily covering the Power Inn area in their bright blue truck.

Planning and Zoning Oversight: Collaborating with the city and county on permitting, sign ordinance, code enforcement, and related issue.

The Power Inn Alliance is a nonprofit business organization – 501(c)6.

*Data prepared by the Greater Sacramento Economic Council and Power Inn Alliance. The Economic Contribution Analysis of Power Inn Alliance Businesses, Dec. 2022. See Full Report