The Power Inn Community

Power Inn

More than a just a road, Power Inn is the engine for the entire city of Sacramento. The Power Inn business community supports nearly 58,000 jobs in the region, more than $10 billion in output and $3.2 billion in wages. It has emerged as the largest employment hub for manufacturing and construction in the city, representing 62% and 81% of total city employment in these sectors, respectively. The Power Inn area is of critical importance to the future ambitions of the city in expanding their manufacturing base.  (Burris Service Group, 2016 Economic Impact Report).

The Power Inn Alliance is setup to continually improve upon business climate of the district. We do this by providing a full time cleanup crew, a business watch program, SPAR and an exceptionally engaged Board of Directors, among other things.

We encourage our community to utilize one another’s services. Please call us at 916.453.8888 and we will connect you with the right resources.