Monday, February 25th, 2019, the Sacramento Regional Transit Board approved the recommended redesign of the region’s bus network. Several weeks before this date, the proposed draft left the Power Inn district without access to any bus routes, effectively ending service for route 65 and diverting service for route 61 from our area completely. With the help of some local advocates, nonprofits and youth representatives, we were able to work with SacRT staff to keep, and even improve frequency of service, for a new route 61 (see map below). There is also a dedicated shuttle for peak times that take transit riders from the College Greens Light Rail station to Florin Perkins Road and Belvedere Avenue.

With 29,000 direct jobs in the business district, there are still gaps left in connectivity for transit riders, especially for getting south on Power Inn Road from Light Rail. Our members spoke up and SacRT listened – they proposed SacRT’s SmaRT Ride (also known as Microtransit) to fill these gaps, and will be paid for by a Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA) grant.