Procter & Gamble's Grant Opportunity and Local Service

Procter & Gamble’s Grant Opportunity and Local Service
August 1, 2017 powerinn

New Grant Opportunity

Procter & Gamble now has a 2017/18 Community grant opportunity for Nonprofits (501c3) in the Power Inn area! Click over to check it out and fill out the short application to make a difference in your community where people want to live and work. Up to $4,500 is available, so check it out today!

Community applicants to select “P&G U.S. Plant Community Grant 2017-18” from the list of application types. Accepting submissions from 6/30/17 to 9/30/17.

Procter & Gamble’s Local Service

Rebuilding Together Sacramento was awarded the P&G U.S. Plant Community Grant 2016-17. With this grant, they were able to present gift bags of P&G cleaning supplies to homeowners associated with their program.

On July 20, P&G donated 12 new children’s bicycles to Saint John’s Program for Real Change.

Rebuilding Together Sacramento rep David Grantham with a homeowner helped through the 16/17 P&G Grant Program.

Pictured: C. Thurman (P&G), V. Frates (St. Johns) & K. Stevens (P&G)