Power Pillars

Economy, Community, Advocacy, Safety, and Transportation

At Power Inn Alliance, our Power Pillars form the sturdy foundation upon which our vision for a thriving Power Inn business district within the Greater Sacramento Region.


The Economy pillar represents our dedication to fostering financial stability, creating education, training, and job opportunities, and ensuring economic opportunities for all.


Community exemplifies our commitment to unity and social cohesion and stands as a symbol of the bonds that tie us together through shared values, inclusivity, and the general well-being of every member of our community.


Advocacy signifies our unwavering dedication to promoting a healthy business climate by monitoring policies and legislation that supports our businesses.


Safety, is the guardian of our community, representing our resolve to protect the well-being of our businesses. Through our partnerships, we can assist in providing a safe and secure environment for a thriving economy.


Finally, the Transportation pillar is the lifeline that connects our community to the world, symbolizing our vision for efficient, accessible, and sustainable mobility. We are dedicated to enabling the flow of goods and services, connecting people, and reducing the environmental impact of transportation systems.