Power Inn Perspectives

Power Inn Perspectives
June 5, 2017 powerinn

Power Inn Perspectives – Annual Luncheon 2017

By Janet Lewis and Jackie Williams


In March, we attended the 2017 Power Inn Alliance Annual Luncheon.  Sitting at the Granite Park Partners table, it was like a reunion—familiar faces and new faces providing opportunity to make new friends.  We had one of the best seats in the luncheon; we had a nickname for our table: the Power Women’s table—plus Dain.

Speakers and award recipients shared inspiring visions of the future of the Power Inn Alliance, which includes a highly concentrated area of industrial businesses.


Exciting projects:

The 2017 Market at Power Inn will have a new location and time.  Starting May 12th, the Market will be at Power Inn Road and 14th Avenue from 10 am to 2 pm.  https://powerinn.org/community/market-power-inn/


The Power Inn Alliance is calling all entrepreneurs looking for a place to start or relocate a micro-manufacturing business by hosting a contest—Making Your Mark. The winner will receive business services assistance and mentoring to help the business start and grow.  https://powerinn.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/PIA_MakingYourMark-Application-Interactive_040617.pdf


WOW 2017—Wide Open Walls.  Inspired by the public murals in Sacramento County, Power Inn Alliance is involved in bringing together the community to celebrate art and local businesses—August 10th to 20th.  This event is an extension of the Sacramento Mural Festival held in Downtown Sacramento last year, which has expanded to include other areas of town, including the Power Inn District. Artists will transform plain walls to images of self-expression. https://powerinn.org/wide-open-walls/


Moderated by Tracey Schaall, Power Inn Alliance Executive Director, the Guest Panel responded to the key question, “What does the future hold?” Here are their answers:


Mayor Darrel Steinberg, City of Sacramento:


Proud Capital City, Proud Capital Town

Striving for innovation hubs in every district

Workforce development starts at the college and high school levels with internships


Councilmember Eric Guerra, District 6:


Encouraging you people to think innovation


Barbara Hayes, Economic Development Strategists:


Businesses and community working together


David Moon, Housing Industry Veteran:


His interest is to provide quality student housing with assistance and commodities such as presentation rooms and computer labs.

Working on the Innovation Center building with CSUS to be located next to The Crossing (a new housing project)



Sacramento Police Department Impact Team: Power Partner Award

Recognized for keeping the public safe with compassion for the homeless.


Sally Freedlander: Tom Burruss Community Service Award

Inspiring words from Sally, “By volunteering you get more than you give.  Together we all make a better/stronger Sacramento.”


Dick Fischer Sr.: Power the Future Award

Awarded for having a vision to develop Depot Park into a thriving business park.


Final thoughts from us…The Power Inn Alliance team is positive and productive.  Keep up the good work.  Hope to see you at next year’s event!